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May 31, 2017
Embracing Elegance

One thing that comes up a lot on this here map is the need, or rather want, to be healtheir and more confident.  I hereby announce my intention to try to be more confident and poised regarding my appearence.  Regular lurking on style and beauty forums reminded me of  the old addage "Fake it til you Make it" - this helps condience start to simmer away.  Also, if you want to be considered elegant, act it.  Cut your hair, appear neat and invest in clothes that don't make you look like a student of old or a reject from a sad sitcom in the early 90s.  All sage advice.  


So I decided this evening was time to begin a more consistent skin routine.  I cleansed, buffed, masked, cleansed and hydrated my now very lobster like skin.  It does feel smoother, a little clearer and yet I am slightly meh about the whole experience.  But, I do realise that this new hobby of mine is about creating new habits, tehrefore we'll continue the whole shebang on the morrow.  Disclaimer:  I also have upped the water consumption - 4 glasses today.  Here's to new habits, cheers!


What sort of things do you do appearence wise to make you feel more confident and put together? x

The Project Begins

Be afraid, I loves a mind map!

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