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May 31, 2017
Ever dramatic, something needs to change. Introducing Project 37.

I started writing at this address back in that days when children were a thing that would surely happen one day and all I wanted to do was write luxurious prose from far off climes, accompanied by the love of my life.  What?  Dogs can get passports! Absolutely joking obviously.  Shrug.  Back track then fast forward, like some sort of summer time dance routine.  We are here.  I am happier in some areas of my life than others - I have the children, the love and lots more to be smiling about.  But.  Isn't there always one? I am off.  I am weirdly and unsuitably not myself.  So here I am, in need of a jolt, a project to hinder the slide into nothing and spring me back to life.  


My aches and pains have multiplied, so have my grey hairs and my approaching middle age spread.  It doesn't have to be like this I read so I shall endeavour to make that my acclamation, a vote for change.  A to do list of mighty goals and tiny achievements. One more step into the world I go, one more step towards 40.  Because of this need for adventure, displicine and difference, I have decided to document Project 37.  A radical yet all encompassing vogage of my own discovery.  I am happy but with a few tweaks I can be much better.  So off we go.

The Project Begins

Be afraid, I loves a mind map!

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